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I am one of the lucky ones — 
I design for a living and I love what I do. 

My job is to make things look better and work better through graphic design. Innovative, quality design breeds confidence allowing you to proudly share what YOU love doing. I solve problems and possess the power of positive change through design.


My background as an in-house, corporate designer started over 20 years ago in Atlanta. Later, I served as Art Director for a Fortune 300 consulting firm in NYC before moving back to Atlanta to work as Director of Design for an industry-leading provider of mortgage insurance products.

After a solid run in corporate America, I went into business for myself as Creative Director of my own studio, Mean Bus Driver Design. From logo design and brochures, to packaging and brand identity, I bring an extra measure of style, sophistication and freshness to your company's message through creative talent and keen imagination — everything you need to make your creative project shine.

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